2017 Xunliao Bay three-day tour
Release time : 2017-5-4 14:28:52

In order to alleviate the work pressure and promote mutual understanding between the departments to enhance team cohesion, and further stimulate the enthusiasm of the staff work, April 20 -222, Tuoshi organized the staff of the "2017 Xunliao Bay three-day tour" tourism activities. In the clean bay, along with the way through every beautiful landscape, everyone's mood is always so full of passion and expectations.

Apr.20 morning, Tuoshi company staff start the tourist in the early morning Apr. 20. Along the way, everyone laughing, enjoyable.

During the tour, take a sightseeing car to enjoy the sea scenery along the way, enjoy the comfortable and relaxing beach resorts. Feel the sunshine and the sea, enjoy the blue sky, white clouds, sand, the wonderful poetic of the waves, enjoy the landscape, through the unforgettable journey.

Everyone with excitement set foot on the beach. At the seaside, we felt the sunshine, listening to the sound of the waves beat the rock.On the beach, colleagues took pics. In the evening, we prepared barbecue, feeling the cool sea breeze, eating, enjoyable. Barbecue end, we had a fireworks s how, under the night, little light, illuminating the joy of colleagues’ smile.

After the sumptuous breakfast, everyone took the fishing boat to the sea, to be a "fisherman". On the way, the vessel through many islands, witnessed the beautiful scenery of Xunliao Bay, to experience the fisherman's life. At noon, we eat the pure natural seafood caught by ourselves so happily.

We also climb Nan Kunshan, feel the forest fresh air , flying waterfall, beautiful and charming scenery.

In the 3-day holiday, the staff were in high mood, very happy and relaxed. Colleagues helped each other, took care of each other, increase the communication opportunities, enhance the feelings between each other, creating unity and harmonious team atmosphere. Back from travel, we share our experience and happiness.Then with full enthusiasm, plenty of energy into the job, for the company's further development continue to make our own contribution.